Sunday, 10 January 2010

japanese treasure

I have itchy feet to go travelling again...its that time of year I think. Last year I went to Japan for 6 weeks, it was incredible!

Here is a collection of packaging and treasures I brought back. I could've picked up so much more but could only carry so much in my backpack.

origami sweets box

opens up to reveal sweets in individual twists of sugar paper - so simple and delicate

and a few others:

hamster eraser set

elephant charm in an inflatable package (i can't bring myself to burst it so I think he will live in there for ever!)

pretty paper bags and wrap

soy sauce from a sushi set in a little fish shaped bottle

awesome pasmo card (the same as an oyster card for the tubes in london)

and this is cheating - I actually bought this amazing graphic purse in Barcelona, but Japan is the true home of Hello Kitty so I think she belongs in the collection!

I want to go back to Japan soon!

1 comment:

  1. the soya sauce in the fish is great!
    [i want one]