Tuesday, 2 February 2010

synthetic wonderland

I created these mini sculptures/inspirational pieces during research for the final year of my woven textile degree.

I developed the theme of synthetic wonderland, a future world overtaken by our excessive use of plastics and explored it through many materials. I will post some more of my work soon.


  1. These are beautiful, I especially love the 1st picture.

  2. Wow, this is really great, I am a textile student myself and although it is my first year I am so excited. And stuff like these mini sculptures is just what I am interested in - exploring the boundaries of textile design.
    Your blog is very very interesting and so are your designs!
    Keep up the good work - ehehh:)


  3. hi kaisi,

    thanks :) how exciting for you to be starting your adventures into textile design now, such a great time to really push the boundaries.

    I'll hopefully post some more of my visual research soon,