Wednesday, 3 February 2010

wall decal stickers

I'm still in love with wall decals and have found an amazing collection by etsy seller OrqueShaw's Walldecor, awesome designs.

NEW DESIGN Wall Art Home Decors Murals Vinyl Decals Stickers---Birch Forest (78in.Height) ----with 6 complimentary Forest birds decals
Vinyl Wall Art Decal -- Forest Decals
NEW DESIGN  Wall Art Home Decor Murals Vinyl Decals Stickers---Winter Forest
winter forest

I was definitely drawn to their forest and bird themed designs!


  1. i really like the first one with the birds on a wire. i need something like that for my drab office!

  2. These are wonderful - so inspiring, they make me want to start redecorating! Just a matter of choosing ......